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Supply Chain Agility and Better Communication-Survey

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Supply Chain Agility and Better Communication-Survey | 21 September, 2010

Please help, I humbly ask for your opinions on SMT manufacturing supply chains, and I hope to provide you with valuable information to remain competitive in a volatile market. Hello, my name is Terry Baker, I am a doctoral candidate looking for participants in a survey about supply chain efficiency based on communication. I am looking for people in the PCBA (Printed Circuit Board or SMT assembly)industry in manufacturing, sales, purchasing, or operations management to give me your opinions on supply chain efficiency.

You can take the survey anonymously, or fill in your email address for a chance to win a 500 dollar cash prize, or to get the results of the survey in the aggregate. The odds in winning the cash is one in three hundred. Your name is never put on a mailing list. Short of winning the incentive you will never be contacted again. The data is not sensitive or private in nature to your company, it is based on your opinions only.

The survey link is below, which is data encrypted and secure through, which has a NO SPAM policy. Please participate and help me if you can :-) I am happy also to provide the results of the survey to you if you wish to see what are competitive measures you can take in your business. Call me for further information, if you want to verify this is not any type of gimmick (814)-329-7357. I am simply looking for your opinions on supply chain efficiency, and I need your opinions to finish my doctoral dissertation.

Just copy and paste this link below, and it should take you right to the survey in Survey Monkey.

If your browser is enabled you make be able to access the survey directly below, or cut and paste the address above.

Click here to take survey

You do not have to take the survey, but if you have not, I welcome you to, as I do need responses desperately, you can call me or my university tomorrow if you want any more data, but if not best wishes to you any way!

Sincerely Terry Baker Terry B. Baker (814)-329-7357 Doctoral Candidate University of Maryland University College 3501 University Blvd. East Adelphi, MD 20783 USA Phone: 800-888-UMUC (8682) Tom Mierzwa (Chair, Doctoral Program) Monica Graham (Admissions and Advisory Contact)

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