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Best Small wave solder?

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Best Small wave solder? | 16 September, 2010

Hi All,

We have been running a Novastar spartan 8S wave solder machine for a number of years. We actually do very little wave soldering and this machine has served us well. I have always been of the opinion that with the small pot and simple fluxer it was easier to keep the solder clean and flux fresh. Not to mention that the power requirements and start-up time are very reasonable.

We need to take a small step up and be able to wave larger boards, but I would like to stay with a compact machine. Has anyone run a farily compact wave solder they are happy with? I'm also thinking a spray fluxer would be better than the foam fluxer on the novastar unit.

Any info would be appreciated. thanks

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Best Small wave solder? | 30 September, 2010

Try Looking at Selective soldering, Unless you have that many through hole components. Ace offers a great machine for selective soldering.

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