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BTU VIP98 | 13 September, 2010

Somebody pressed the system set button and now the machine has an e-stop,lid open, and extraction error. checked the control relays and all is OK except one is not switching on. The cable comes from the FCU unit so suspect some config or settings are messed up.

Any one have any experiance?


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BTU VIP98 | 15 September, 2010

Seems we had similar issue years ago with our VIP 70. There are a series of 2pin axial fuses on the panel with the SS relays and contactors (I don't think it was over the FCU). Check each fuse with a meter; replaced ours and the e-stop cleared and the oven came right up.

Good Luck!! JW

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BTU VIP98 | 16 September, 2010

Have you contacted BTU? They will be able to supply you with the setup files of your oven if you provide them with the serial #. Did you buy the oven used?

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