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software PPS v8.0

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software PPS v8.0 | 13 September, 2010

Hi all, we have two smd line, with 2 topaz X each.Software for optimizing is PPS v.8.0.The problem is that when PPS optimazing the programme, IC, diodes and other polarity components are with wrong orientation.But, I see the orientation onli when strting process on smd line.In my off-line PC when I create P&P programme , I can't see the components orientation, and can't correct the orientation.

And, sorry for my BAD English :) Regards,

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software PPS v8.0 | 14 September, 2010

The PPS helps to prepare a program off-line without affecting on-line production. However, there are certain efforts that we must consider, such as identifying the part orientation on feeder vis-a-vis its placement orienation on PCB, and confirming such data while preparing the program. It's not difficult, just take a glance across packages, and you will find much similarity of part orientation within a reel / stick / tray for different parts. You could make a "part-in-feeder" orientation chart for easy reference during program creation. However, part orientation on PCB needs to be confirmed always. PPS is a real good tool.

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