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PWC Problem on GSM-1

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PWC Problem on GSM-1 | 2 September, 2010

I'm bringing a GSM-1 machine at a university back to operational condition. I have a project created and I'm experiencing that when it's loaded the PWC goes to a location that is about two inches too narrow. When the PWC is manually told to go to a location less then 7 inches the minimum width interlock is triggered. This corresponds to the findings that the PWC is two inches more narrow then expected. The field service rep worked with me over the phone for a bit and suggested that under PWC configuration the minimum should be something like 88900 (encoder number) rather then the 50900 that it was set at. This didn't make any difference in the symptoms I was seeing. I'm looking for suggestions since I don't have any practical experience with this machine. The software is OS2 rev'd at 3.2.3.

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