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SUNSDA Board loader

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SUNSDA Board loader | 1 September, 2010

Has anyone had any experience with SANSDA? We have a board loader that was bought used with no documentation. We have tried to contact them requesting schematics or a SMEMA manual to no avail. The loader is not completing the circuit telling the dowwnstream conveyor that there is a board available. The exit sensor is working fine and the controller is getting the signal when you flag it, but it never sends the 'board available' signal. I have tried jumping pins 1 and 2 and pins 3 and 4 on the upstream side but that didn't make any difference.

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SUNSDA Board loader | 1 September, 2010

Mike, I don't know this loader, but if you link 3&4 locally on the downstream conveyor, this should make it request PCB from loader via 1 & 2 PCB should then unload.

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SUNSDA Board loader | 2 September, 2010

SME, Thanks for your response, but I have already checked out 1 & 2 on the downstream conveyor, and they are sending the machine ready signal. I know that the loader is recieving it because when the downstream conveyor is not busy the loader attempts to send the board, but the downstream conveyor never kicks on to recieve the board but If I short out the 'board available' pins it turns on, so it seems that everything is working right except that the SUNSDA board loader model SPU-120 isn't sending the signal downsteam. I tried jumping the upstream pins thinking that maybe the machine needed them all to be connected to something in order to close a circuit or something. I think we are going to try to get another machine (I hope so) but in case we can't I need to figure this out.

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SUNSDA Board loader | 14 September, 2010

The problem with the Sunsda units is that they use a special circuit board, not PLC and Chinese software for programming, so getting into the program to find out what is going on is a problem.

Have you replaced the SMEMA cable? I have seen bad ones.

Also, in China, if an Available Signal is sent, they often use the entrance sensor on the conveyor to also start the belt drive. So no return signal would be sent to the conveyor, just transfer.

Most transfer conveyors built in China use an either or to start (SMEMA or Sensor)

Not sure if this helps.

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SUNSDA Board loader | 15 September, 2010


Another thing to consider is the type of switching they may use. Older Asymtek masking machines used transitors to communicate upline and downline instead of dry contacts. The problem we had with this is dropping enough voltage across them to bias the transistors. We ended up putting pull down resistors in the circuit. But I see your problem is identifying where and how they are doing the signaling. You could start by tracing where your smema plug wiring goes and see if it goes to a relay card, individual relays or some other board.

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