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Kemet Ceramic Capacitor

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Kemet Ceramic Capacitor | 26 August, 2010

Hi all Did anyone encounter that the thermal crack failure or any failure issue by using the Kemet Ceramic Cap, particularly 0.1uF,while wave soldering? Before using this part, I want to clarify whether it is suitable for our process or not. Thanks in Advance.

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Kemet Ceramic Capacitor | 29 August, 2010

We know nothing about your process, but Kemet ceramic capacitors can be wave soldered. Kemet wrote papers on wave soldering their parts.

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Kemet Ceramic Capacitor | 2 September, 2010

Hi davf Our process is the manufacturing burn-in-bord, SMT,insert sockets, wave and touch up. 1 board needs 0.1UF about 3k+ components.Kemet recommanded to use the reflow machine for Ceramic Cap when i chked its website.

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