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Pressing in Holtite Sockets?

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Pressing in Holtite Sockets? | 21 August, 2010

I have a pcb with 750 plated through holes that get Holtite sockets inserted into them. I have a method of pressing in 10 sockets at a time. However, when we are done, the board has bad warpage on the X and Y axis. Does anyone out there have any tips on inserting sockets and how to avoid warping the board. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Pressing in Holtite Sockets? | 24 August, 2010

A board support must be used to prevent bowing of the board during insertion of the sockets. It should have a flat surface with holes or a channel large enough to receive the sockets during installation. [Tyco AUGAT HOLTITE Socket Application Note 114-13033A]

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