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Venezuelan company looking to assemble a PCB Factory

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Venezuelan company looking to assemble a PCB Factory | 20 August, 2010

VARIVEN,C.A, is a newly emerging company in the electronics field. Variven was established in 2009 to take care of design, repair and maintainance of pcb cards and electronic machinery for oil companies. As of now we are creating basic boards for our clients but everything is done manually by hand, but we dont do soldermask or legend to the boards. As our company is thriving we are looking to boost our production, reaching our goal by creating Venezuelan Speed Controllers used in the oil companies and other electronics devices of everyday use. Therefore we are looking to assemble a PCB factory, but our knowledge in the field of creating a company of this kind is very basic, we would like to know more about the process and the machines used to take care of the following requierements: -Handle the process of etching, drilling, plating, solder mask and legend. (If there is more please tell us) -Maximun range of 50cm*30cm -Single and Double Sided. -5000 Square feet per year. For the Layers of the board we will like to know the budget for doble sided boards and for the Multilayer up to 4 layers, because our company doesnt have right know any plans to have multilayer products but we could do it for the future costumers we will get depending on the price. Everything comes to that we need a company who could tell us what we need to accomplish this goal, with experiece and with machines that can take care of the requierements and more in the future. Thank you for your assistance

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