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LGA processing

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LGA processing | 7 August, 2010

We have a Large LGA package (40mm X 40mm) that we are trying to process on a double-sided assembly. problem is the only space we have for it is on 1st side processing side. Therefore we have worries about falling off in the oven during the 2nd side reflow cycle. Does anyone have experience with using underfill or other methods to alleviate this issue ? or are we stuck having to find room to place this large component on 2nd side processing side ?

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LGA processing | 9 August, 2010

It will most likely hold on. There is a formula that you can use if you're uncertain. It's (weight of the component in grams)/(total pad mating area in square inches) Grams per square inch must be less than or equal to 35 for the component to be mounted without the need for adhesive. There ya go! This process engineering stuff is easy peasy...

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