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Tombstoneing LEDs

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Tombstoneing LEDs | 5 August, 2010

I am havein a lot of trouble with KINGBRIGHT LEDs tombstoning in the reflow oven. It is a PLCC2 package. The stencil apatures are home plated. Can anyone help me

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Tombstoneing LEDs | 5 August, 2010

Try antitombstone paste or if you are using nitrogen back off on the amount of nitrogen used.

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Tombstoneing LEDs | 6 August, 2010

Turn the panel 90 degrees.

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Tombstoneing LEDs | 9 August, 2010


Tombstoneing LEDs | 1 September, 2010

Tombstoning is a result of imbalanced force experiences by the device during reflow due to unequal behavious of the solder paste across all sides of the device. Could be due to many factors a few of this are: (1) Unequal solder mass distribution, (2)Misalignment during device placement, (3) Poor Reflow Profile. Trust me, such problem can surely be resolved.

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