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Samsung CP20-CV Help

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Samsung CP20-CV Help | 4 August, 2010

We are facing with the Samsung CP20-CV the following problem: wenn we run production the machine stops after the second pcb. No error or system message appears. The only way to go on is go back to the iddle modus, load the program again, go to the run modus and then the machine will made 2 pcb's again. And so on. Can somebody help us? Thanks

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Samsung CP20-CV Help | 11 August, 2010

Sounds like your PCB count is set at 2. Many times 0 is setting for continuous use. Another cause could be that your SMEMA is not working properly with your downstream conveyor and the machine thinks it can't allow another board into the worknest.

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Samsung CP20-CV Help | 16 August, 2010

Hello, do you solve the problem? We have the same pick and place machine and I think I can help you.

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Samsung CP20-CV Help | 16 August, 2010


I think I have to define the machine in Stand-alone modus, but I don't know how.

I cn't find how in the manual.


Best regards

M Gruber

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Samsung CP20-CV Help | 17 August, 2010

Hello, If you have a conveyor at the output of the pick and place machine with SMEMA comunication between CP20 and the conveyor you must have check it SMEMA in setup (Sys Setup / Preferences)like in the picture. If you dont have this type of conveyor leave it not check and all of the pcb will be removed at the end of assembly.

Best regards, Chirita Bogdan


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