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wave finger chain

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wave finger chain | 12 July, 2010


Our company has just bought a EWS 500 F XL wave machine (about 8 months ago) and i have been trained on how to use it so in new to the industry, things are going well so far but im a bit stumbled on the simplest thing and that’s weather or not to grease the conveyer chain? I’ve been told not to do it, and have also been told to grease it by different people, there is no oil or grease on the chain when we received it, I was just wondering what you guys think in this one logically it should be oiled or greased because metal on metal moving parts but ive also been told that the flux and dross dust can stick the grease or oil and form a type of sand paper effect and grind away the chain. please help!



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wave finger chain | 13 July, 2010

We expect to find recommendations on periodic maintenance from the equipment fabricator in the operating manual. Those recommendations should be the basis for you to setup your maintenance program.

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