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ENIG reflow

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ENIG reflow | 12 July, 2010

Hi everyone, someone knows the correct parameters for reflow the smt devices using SnPb on ENIG finishing ? Someone suggest to use more temperature than others finishing, cause nickel barrier. Someone can confirm this ? There are handbooks or articles that explain this topic ? Thanks XPS

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ENIG reflow | 12 July, 2010

Talk to your paste manufacturer, they can recommend a reflow profile (as well as advise the paste activation temperature, and liquidous reflow points.

The ENIG finish should not affect your reflow parameters any more than the solder paste. Typically, lead free solder requires higher temperatures than tin-lead solder.

Cheers ..rob

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ENIG reflow | 12 July, 2010

Like robdg3 said, just check your paste spec and define your reflow profile accordingly. There should not be any major difference in reflow profile due to PCB finish.

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