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Quad feeders

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Quad feeders | 1 July, 2010

I purchased a used QUAD 4C -136 and after a few months got the machine running 8 hr shifts. One issue I have come across is feeder drift. I kept re-aligning the feeder pickup positions but they would always change. Finally I got the time to measure the drift by running a program than pick up only one part. I would re-align and use modcode 3 to see the new x position. The drift is about 12 mils on a 30 mil part. The worst case occurs when the pickup drifts to within 3 mils of the edge of the component. As the drift changes the pickup errors and component rejections increase and decrease. The drift seems to occur after 50 to 60 components. Is there anything that can be done to the feeders to reduce the drift? Thanks

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Quad feeders | 1 July, 2010

The feeders have plastic gears inside that get worn out after the years. Some feeders are better than others. Sometimes the gears inside loosen up and need tightend. The older the feeder the worse the drift usually is.

Good luck

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Quad feeders | 1 July, 2010

Thanks JMW, I noticed that, on one feeder you can turn the motor shaft three quarters of a revolution without moving the main sprocket wheel.


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