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pls show me the way

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pls show me the way | 18 June, 2010

Dear all friends, our company want to import JUKI SMT pick&placement machine to China,However, I really did not understand two recent clients,When I say their prices are higher,one of them replied to me:all of your first replies are always the same. "your price is too high" But you know when I buy from Asia I get the same kind of prices that I offer so sorry but I cannot sell to you but I have other customers that buy my products.No matter how I explain, apologize, he reply to me no longer. the other say:not possible when I show our counteroffer.The price is low,I admit.However, I immediately asked him to give me the best price,one week ago,he has no news. Hope all of you can give me advise and let me avoid the samething in the next.

Thank you Regards Elsey

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pls show me the way | 19 June, 2010

If you want to buy a Juki machine or any machine for that matter, then be ready with money in hand and you set the price you are willing to buy at today. In my experience alot of Asian Brokers want your best price up front, and then tell you it's too high or make an offer that is significantly lower. In this marketplace at this time cash talks.. I would prefer any broker Asian or otherwise tell me where they want to be on a machine and be ready to pay for it immediately.

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pls show me the way | 21 June, 2010

Where are you come from? USA?

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