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Polyimide Stencil Vendors

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Polyimide Stencil Vendors | 17 June, 2010

Can anyone suggest who I can purchase polyimide stencils from. Are they made for "generic" assembly shapes/lead pin/pitch patterns such as 32 Lead LFCSP)? Thanks in advance.

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Polyimide Stencil Vendors | 18 June, 2010

Are you talking about mini stencils for individual components?

If so we check here first I think circuit medic only has ones for parts they have done repair work for. Their selection is a bit unusual in that common patterns are not there but some uncommon ones are.

If they don't have it then we get some from one of our local stencil shops that still make polyimide stencils. They make them the same as regular stencils except instead of putting them in a frame they cut them into individual pieces.

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Polyimide Stencil Vendors | 18 June, 2010

Stephen, Yes, stencils for individual components. I have located a few laser engraving business that make the stencils custom.I have contacted CircuitMedic to see if they make the stencils custom or not. thanks for your advise. I appreciate it.

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