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Fuji IP3E Start up problem

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Fuji IP3E Start up problem | 9 June, 2010

We've been having some problems with out Fuji IP2E machine that we've recently bought from a company that is no longer operating here. Since installing it we've encountered a few problems with it starting up.

To give you a quick breakdown of its behavior I’ll outline a few points:

-The alarm sounds as soon as the power button is pressed as opposed to doing so after the machine has booted up. -We connected a dot matrix printer and the machine printed out a lot of error code (also attached). -After it finished printing the Dbg Count Printing error disappeared. -The machine says Air Pressure Good when there is no air turned on at all. -While the Dbg error is showing the machine is reading out Emergency Stop Good, after printing it changes to NG even while no emergency stop buttons are active. -The red Alarm light is lit up on the MFU2 at the rear of the machine.

I’ve also tried sending programs to check its behavior. I done the following without letting the machine print the error code:

-It won’t let me send a program in the Dbg state that it is in right away. -It will let me send proper data. After sending proper data the Status Information appears on screen. (See attached pic) -Also, it will now let me send a program after sending proper data. Usually the machine won’t allow you to transmit data unless it is sitting on the “home screen” (i.e. the screen it is on after zero setting). -When the machine is rebooted the program is no longer stored in memory from what I can tell, i.e. it isn’t showing up on the top left corner of the screen. And the Status Information is no longer shown either.

Would anyone have any idea what could be the problem with our machine?

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Fuji IP3E Start up problem | 10 June, 2010

Did the machine work when you first installed it? Have you done a reset start yet? Make sure you have air applied when you power up. The IP's don't like to power up without the air.

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Fuji IP3E Start up problem | 10 June, 2010

The transformer was probably wired wrong and you done blowed ol bessie up.

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