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MYDATA TP9-4 MI board

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MYDATA TP9-4 MI board | 29 May, 2010

Hello guys!

I have a problem I had to change the MI Board on a MYDATA TP9-4 machine because it was firing 3 or more feeders at the same time, after the change it run great but then for some reason after a while it start to show an error message that I need to press emergency button when go to check the component was still there in the tool tip, so vaccum was right, but them it show an error message saying

3F-MOT-MOVE X/156:Motor timeout

so I thoght it was the the MOT2 board so I change it for another one and the problem continue.

can someone had the same problem?


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MYDATA TP9-4 MI board | 1 June, 2010

I'm randomly having some motor move errors, as well.

If you swap your MOT board, and the problem continues, you're down to a couple of problems. Could be that the motor is getting ready to die on you. Could be an encoder problem. Or, could be something wrong with the ribbon cable (or some other device on the x-move axis that's causing some excess friction). And, as always, double check all of your fuses before going too far towards replacing the x-motor!

cheers ..rob

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