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SM-421 | 27 May, 2010


Is anyone of you using a Placer from the Samsung SM-400 Series? We are looking for a new Pick and Place Machine, and the Samsung SM-421 Placer impressed me. How does it work at daily production? Could it be that the Software is the weak point? During the demo, the technician had to push the reset button quiet often. The representative told us, that place of 01005 components will not be a problem for the placer. Is that right?

Thank you for your feedback.

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SM-421 | 27 May, 2010

Hello Fonsi, we have been using a 421 for a couple of years now (one of the first customers in North America). The hardware is fantastic. No issues, camera and lighting system are great. Initially we did have some small software bugs but Samsung was pretty responsive at fixing them. We have the 421 single gantry with the side tray module (which works great).

Oh yea, we do not place anything smaller than 0402.

Let me know if you have any other questions Josh

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SM-421 | 31 May, 2010

Thank you for your feedback. Is anybody else using a Samsung Placer from the SM-400 series?

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