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FOD | 24 May, 2010

Can anyone share some good practices to reduce FOD in the conformal coat area? I am new and trying to get my hands around a serious FOD issue. We get red, black, blue, and white fibers that gets trapped in our conformal coat, causing a lot of scoping and touch up. I think some of that is our gloves. Are their any gowning practices, environmental controls, personnel requirements, etc that can be used to reduce FOD?

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FOD | 25 May, 2010

Hi, Use nitrile or latex gloves for handling your product from your pre-coating cleaning step onward. In my opinion, conformal coating should be isolated from the rest of the factory floor. I'm not saying you need a clean room or even a white room. You simply need an environment where you can keep your particle count in check via vacuuming with a hepa vacuum and dusting. Regards, justin

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