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Counterfeit/Reworked Parts

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Counterfeit/Reworked Parts | 19 May, 2010

Over the last year we have seen a number of reworked and counterfeit parts coming in - particularly BGAs. This has been rather expected of some of our 'black market' sources but lately we have seen it from our larger, more respectable vendors as well. Our reputable vendor is claiming ignorance and insisting they came right from the factory but we have a number of defects that are easily seen even w/o a scope (contamination, flat balls on BGAs, different size balls, etc). Has anyone else been having this problem?

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Counterfeit/Reworked Parts | 19 May, 2010

It's a serious problem.

Here's a link to an earlier thread on SMTnet:

For more try: * * AS9120 * * *

Recent trade press articles are: * The global trade in counterfeit consumer electronics, Kris Sangani, Institution of Engineering and Technology, E&T, I:1007, 10 May 2010

* Distributors key to war on counterfeiting: U.S. agencies see heightened threat to defense electronics supply chain; Bolaji Ojo, EE Times 05/10/2010

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Counterfeit/Reworked Parts | 21 May, 2010

We recently received in a reel of a QFP-64 TI processors. TI has such a great lead time right now, we were forced to find these parts where we could. Unfortunately you are forced to deal with less than reputable people. So these parts did not come from are vendor. Needless to say, these parts did not solder well, the problem stemming from some sort of black contamination on the leads. We couldn't even get these parts to flow on the bench. I suspect these parts were counterfeit, even though they appear to function (when the leads are soldered), but to what degree I will never know. We scrapped all the parts that were installed. Normally, a part does not function as expected, if at all if it's counterfeit, but this is the first time I've seen a part with this sort of issue.

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Counterfeit/Reworked Parts | 21 May, 2010

That is exactly the type of problem we are having. Some work, some dont. We feel these parts are not counterfeit so to speak but reworked, removed from other boards, cleaned up to some degree - hence the flux residue, black contamination, scrapes, wrong/deformed ball size, etc - and sold as new.

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