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Mydata's UPS suggestions...

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Mydata's UPS suggestions... | 17 May, 2010

We are looking into adding an Uninterrupted Power Supply to our MYdata's pick and place, to protect the PC from power surges. I am looking for recomendations from current users.

Thanks in advance.

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Mydata's UPS suggestions... | 19 May, 2010

You in addition to the one in the machine? Or does yours not have one built in? I thought it was standard on their machines.

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Mydata's UPS suggestions... | 20 May, 2010

I agree I thought all MYData's had them built in. If not I'd contact MYData and see what they recommend. You can find their contact infor on their website

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Mydata's UPS suggestions... | 26 May, 2010

the ups in the machine are only for the computer and not the machine itself. we just installed a APC UPS System (model: SUVTF15KBF) that works great, but cost is around 10K. this UPS will protect everything and allows you to run until shutting down without any interuptions.

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