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Electromigration Test

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Electromigration Test | 12 May, 2010

Hope every one are in good condition. I am Eugene, QA Engineer from Singapore, I been assigned to perform a electromigration test for the test coupon that consist 96 test point. Test condition: 85 deg C, 88% RH and 50V DC Measure Condition: 100V DC and 10 sec

My queries: 1] As per attached, which option is the correct method or both are incorrect? Please advice me the correct method. 2] If i need to perform 5 pcs per test, total point tested will be 96 x 5 = 480 points. I have below DC supply machine : Dual tracking with 5V Fixed (model GPC-6030D), is this bias voltage power supply can handle so many points? As we know, so many points (resistors)in parallel will significantly bring down the total effective resistance. 3] Please help to advice other method that can complete the test? Thanks.


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