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DEK 265GSX Vision Error 1

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DEK 265GSX Vision Error 1 | 2 May, 2010

When my DEK 265GSX boots I get a vision error1 and am asked to reinitialize. I cannot get into mainenance mode to troubleshoot. DEK told me over the phone that I have a bad Cognex card and it would be $20k to repair. This is crazy, has anyone seen this error and how do you fix it?

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DEK 265GSX Vision Error 1 | 3 May, 2010

Power up your machine and look at the vision card. If it has a red light then there is a problem with it. 20k is way to much to spend to fix this. I've sent out two cards for repairs in the past and got them fixed for $2200 each. If you want more info let me know.

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DEK 265GSX Vision Error 1 | 3 May, 2010

The $20K number thrown out there by the OEM would lead me to believe there is something else going on and/or it's the black camera vision... green/silver they usually use the $10K.


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DEK 265GSX Vision Error 1 | 4 May, 2010

I just had the same issue, it was a corrupt fiducial file in the program that kept on loading when booted. If your vision card is working follow these steps:

Reboot the machine, press F5 when the computer beeps to enter DOS, delete the file maninf.dat by entering the following command:

Del c: printer maninf.dat

NOTE: If you get the ‘access denied’ error, you must change your attribute settings (can not be archived or read only): attrib –a –r c:printer maninf.dat

This deletes the file that remembers the last product used. CTL-ALT-DEL to reboot, delete the corrupt product file from the housekeeping menu within the DEK menu.

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DEK 265GSX Vision Error 1 | 5 May, 2010

We sale the cognex cards for 3500.00 all of the time, think we need to raise our prices. Right bruce? Harry

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