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BTU Pyramax 125N and 150N

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BTU Pyramax 125N and 150N | 20 April, 2010

Has anyone got any of these ovens or know of any issues with these?

We are on the market for a 10 or 12 zone oven and the BTU above is looking like the favourite

Any info would be great

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BTU Pyramax 125N and 150N | 21 April, 2010

These ovens maintain good profiling as long as you stay on top of maintenance. I had 4 150's and 1 125. The biggest headache is keep the plenums cleaned (very messy). Also the blower motors have been replaced a few times on them as well. If I were you I would keep a unit in stock. Typically the bearings and shafts wear out. The software has been improved from the earlier BTU paragons. Not sure if you require center support. If so, you will need to make sure the one your buying has it and if its programmable. BTU offers both versions.

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