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Universal BoardFLO connection problem

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Universal BoardFLO connection problem | 13 April, 2010


Did any one know about how to connect boardFLO to Fuji CP machine? I did not have communication cable between both two machine.

Thank you

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Universal BoardFLO connection problem | 21 April, 2010

Newer Universal Conveyors use 4 wire smema and FUJI should accomodate this protocol in its config screens.

Old Universal Conveyors and some machines used SMPI (forget how many wires),

You can purchase the 4 wire smema cable from UIC and conversion boxes if needed. On the conveyor side it should be plug n play on the machine side you would have to select in the configuration what type of upline and downline comm you need and left to right, right to left or same in/out.

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