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BTU -Paragon 150

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BTU -Paragon 150 | 10 April, 2010

Dear All, I have a problem with the BTU-paragon -150 reflow oven,with the heaters getting off with Overtemperature Alaram. But the actual temperature on board not exceeding the 255 peak temp. Pls. advice & thx in advance for your sincere postings.

Regards, Nagesh

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BTU -Paragon 150 | 12 April, 2010

Check your "over temperature module" for both top and bottom zones when the alarm is active, there is a bank of LED's on the bottom of this module. Monitor it to find out if the same zone keeps activating the alarm, if so check your TC for that zone. Problem could be the TC or the module.

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BTU -Paragon 150 | 12 April, 2010

One of the air temp sensors by the blower is bad. Unplug them and check each to find the defective one.

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