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VIOS Interpretation

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VIOS Interpretation | 1 April, 2010


I have a VIOS file containing mounting and feeder information. I need to interprete this file so as to be able to verify and extract some data.

Will really appreciate if anyone could suggest some document or some information that can help me understand and interprete the data in the VIOS file.

Some of the information I would like to know is the board thickness, length and width. Does the B.BRD contain this information (the following is the data).

&B.BRD -6.54 7.68 285.75 215.90 090000FF0000010000000000FFFF0002 -51.99 -5.65 -255.25 195.95 090000FF000001000000FFFF00000000 -51.99 -5.65 -255.25 195.95 090000FF000001000000FFFF00010001 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0A0000FFFF00010000000010FFFF0002 &B.QED

I will really appreciate any help.


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VIOS Interpretation | 7 April, 2010

Hi Mabdalla, Attached is my VIOS file. The board dimension in your file is 285.75(L) x 215.90(W) I do not see the board thickness in your file. The dimension in my file is 192.7(L) x 153.67(W) x 1.8(T) Hope this info would help you a little.


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VIOS Interpretation | 7 April, 2010

Thanks alot DucHoang.

That was really helpful.

BTW: Is there a document or specification on the web which explains the contents of the VIOS. Will really appreciate if you could guide me to it.


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VIOS Interpretation | 8 April, 2010

Hi Mabdalla, You need to have software to read those files( AMS or PPS from Assembleon). If you are using Phillips and/or Assembleon machines, you should have those software. Best Regards,

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VIOS Interpretation | 8 April, 2010

Thanks DucHoang,

One more favor. Will really appreciate if you can point us on how to figure out the number of patterns (number of offsets) from the VIOS file.

Also we would like to know the feeder types represented by the numbers in the &F section. We are trying to figure out what number is represented for a tray. Here is the section I am talking about. In the case below the value is 0002 which would be a 12mm. Will really appreciate if you can provide us a list of these numbers and the feeders they represent.

&F 11=00000000000000000000000000000000 568115 XYZ_500_OHM_1/4W_V 0002000000040002030100000102000000001E1E

Thanks very much for your help

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