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Interpreting VIOS file

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Interpreting VIOS file | 1 April, 2010


I have a VIOS file containing mounting and feeder information. I need to interprete this file so as to be able to verify and extract some data.

Will really appreciate if anyone could suggest some document or some information that can help me understand and interprete the data in the VIOS file.

Some of the information I would like to know is the board thickness, length and width. Does the B.BRD contain this information (the following is the data).

&B.BRD -6.54 7.68 285.75 215.90 090000FF0000010000000000FFFF0002 -51.99 -5.65 -255.25 195.95 090000FF000001000000FFFF00000000 -51.99 -5.65 -255.25 195.95 090000FF000001000000FFFF00010001 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0A0000FFFF00010000000010FFFF0002 &B.QED

I will really appreciate any help.


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