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Ersa Hotflow 5 Help!

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Ersa Hotflow 5 Help! | 26 March, 2010

I posted this once, but it disappeared. Anyway, we have an Ersa Hotflow 5 that is our backup, but I doesn't power up anymore. I've called Ersa several times, and they don't return my calls. It powers up, and communicates with the PC, but the screen on the machine is dead, and the PC side doesn't seem to do anything. Most of the options are greyed out, and I can't seem to get it to run a profile. We bought it used, and didn't get a manual, so I'm not sure if it's a simple button sequence we need to do, or what, but we really need to get this thing running, so if anyone has any info, I would apprecitate it. If I could borrow (Or buy) a manual from someone, that would be great too.



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Ersa Hotflow 5 Help! | 30 July, 2010

Anybody use a Hotflow 5? I've almost got it running, but could use a little help from someone who know about these things...

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Ersa Hotflow 5 Help! | 6 August, 2010


i have manual for hotflow 5, but I am in holiday.I will in company at 01.09 and can scanning the document and send you .Is it OK for you?

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Ersa Hotflow 5 Help! | 6 August, 2010

That would be great, thanks!

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