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CP-65: Servo alarm C Axis, Servo overflow?

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CP-65: Servo alarm C Axis, Servo overflow? | 23 March, 2010

Hi all,

We're setting up a cp-65 and we're finding some issues with it. It has a missing 1st solenoid/switch and some nozzle valves on the cam. The biggest issue is this C axis servo error. The proper data was set to a cam speed of 250 (25%). That's really slow so I increased it to 960 (96%) and we started to get this error. We have a CP-6 with the 96% setting and runs without a problem. I decreased the cam speed to 500 (50%) in the cp-65 but I still get the C axis error. The Cam axis servo (which we assumed to be the C axis) shows no error codes or alarms when this happens.

Can anyone help?


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CP-65: Servo alarm C Axis, Servo overflow? | 25 March, 2010

Hello Rodrigo, My expierence is with metal cutting machine tools not Fuji placement machines. That said there are a several of areas to look at. #1.Interference on your C axis travel, look for scrape marks or something dragging on the drum. #2. Tight bearings on the screw or support bearings. #3. Bad encoder on the servo motor.(perhaps the encoder marks are dirty and will not read at normal speeds. If this is it, the encoder may need replacing as it may not be serviceable. #4 The servo motor motor may be weak. #5 Servo amp may be failing and can not deliver normal output. If you get the error at a particular point in the travel I would look for something dragging at that point. If the point it fails varies with the percentage of feed then it may be electrical and I would suspect #4 or 5. Hope this helps till someone with Fuji expierence replies.

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