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Amistar AR-5500 Help please

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Amistar AR-5500 Help please | 10 March, 2010

We are a small company in Illinois, and we have an Amistar AR-5500 that is inoperational. due to the economic situation we had no choice but layoff the operator. he was very understanding of the situation and we agreed that we were going to get him back as soon as we could. during this time we got a small job that had been done before, so we atemped to run it and discovered that he had erased the machine parameters and that the job files were also gone. We had every intention on geting him back but after this is kind of hard to trust him again, plus he has not returned any of our phone calls. if anyone could help us getting this machine back in operation the help will be apreciated and compensated.

we are a small family business and cannot afford a new machine at this time.

thank all for your time.

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Amistar AR-5500 Help please | 12 March, 2010

Maybe call amistar I belive Rick Geisz is still with them maybe he could help you out. the last # I got is 760-471-1700 we use to own amistar machines he was a big help for use.

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Amistar AR-5500 Help please | 12 March, 2010

Thanks for the information, I will try that. Thank you

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Amistar AR-5500 Manual needed | 16 March, 2010

does anyone have a manual for this machine, it will be greatly apreciated.

thank you

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