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QUAD IVc or IIc?

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QUAD IVc or IIc? | 19 February, 2010

We're looking at a QUAD IVc for our prototyping lab. I've had offers on several IVc, but one dealer wants to sell us a IIC.

Are these units truly compatible? Do the feeds for the IVC work in the IIC and vice-versa? How about resale value - which one is more desirable?

Thanks for the help.

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QUAD IVc or IIc? | 19 February, 2010

I beleive that the big difference between the 2 machines is accuracy with the 4C having the better. Nozzles and feeders would be the same.

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QUAD IVc or IIc? | 25 February, 2010

I have programmed and used both. The IVC is just an upgraded model of the IIC. They both work the same, same sofware, feeders, etc. The IVC just has more bells and whistles. I'm not sure what the differences are but I would opt for the IVC because I think there are better camera options and maybe even nozzles

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