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Lightning Head Problems

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Lightning Head Problems | 15 February, 2010

Our lightning Head on the AC-30 has been down 4 times already in the 19 months we have had it. Now that we are out of warranty it is expensive to get it fixed. Is this common?


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Lightning Head Problems | 16 February, 2010

Hello seabas we have a ac30l for 27 months and run it 16 hours a day 5 days a week no problems yet. what kind of problems are you having? we do have universal come in every 6 months to do maintenance on it

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Lightning Head Problems | 17 February, 2010

we have aprox 41 HSC heads on our production floor. We have had very few issues with a head being down. What have you had going on with it? As for maintenance, there is very little on the head, spindles though need some pm quite often. Let me know what is wron, maybe we can help. Mike

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Lightning Head Problems | 19 February, 2010

Why was it down before? It's possible you have bad cabling. Voltage will read okay but it/they will require very little resistance to work properly (like less than 1.5 ohms).

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