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ENEPIG | 10 February, 2010

Anyone using ENEPIG electroless nickel electroless palladium immersion gold? Am currently using selectively plated gold 25 micro inches in combo SMT/COB gold ball bonded product. Gold cost has increased over the years. Palladium cost is much lower than gold. At least now it is. Cost is about 30% less than that of thick wirebondable gold because ENEPIG uses thinner gold and plating process is easier. In addition, ENEPIG does not cause gold embrittlement in SMT soldering. Anyway, I have tested it and ENEPIG appears to work great.

Anyone using it and anyone have any problems with it?

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ENEPIG | 12 February, 2010

Hi Flipit,

One of our customers has recently changed to this type of finish on their PCB's, due to them wire bonding MMIC devices in their factory after we do the SMT build. We found that we had to change all of our stencils for these products, as the paste doesn't seem to wet across the pads the same as on the previous finish. But once we did this we are seeing excellent results through SMT.

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