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Auto mold machine

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Auto mold machine | 8 February, 2010


I'm looking for a auto mold machine for PCBA application in singapore, anyone have any recommendation. My PCB size is 160mmX42mmX0.6mm, the units are arrange in array form and there are about 12 ~ 20 unit per strip. the mold size is about 15mmX5mmX1mm.

I'm experience in glod top application not in the auto mold process, may i know what to look out for.

Thanks in advance

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Auto mold machine | 16 February, 2010

not sure what you are looking for but I do a fair amount of low pressure molding of my electronic assemblies using a loctite macromold product in a moldman 8000 machine. This machine is made by Cavist. I have 4 of these machines running 2 shifts/6 days per week.

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