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Ersa Hotflow 5 Help!

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Ersa Hotflow 5 Help! | 29 January, 2010

We bought an Ersa Hotflow 5 used a few years ago as a backup. Well, we needed a backup a few days ago, and it didn't back us up. When I turned it on, the screen on the machine is blank, and two buttons with an up and down arrow seem to turn on two internal relays. Other than that, I can't seem to get the machine to do ANYTHING. It does communicate with the PC, but even then, I can't get it to do anything. Most of the options on the PC are greyed out. I didn't get a manual, so I have no idea what to do next. When I installed it, I powered it up, and had is run for a few minutes. So it worked then. Was there some key sequence I did back then to make it work? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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