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Seho FDS 6450 2.7 Help

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Seho FDS 6450 2.7 Help | 29 January, 2010

We aquired this reflow oven some time ago and finally have the need for it. Anyone who knows how to set up this machine and train an individual would be greatly appreciated. We are located in the Rockville Maryland Area. Power is run to the machine, but we are having some error messages that prevent it from starting up. Please contact Ryan or David.

The error messages are: Jam in machine Coolingwater under minimun Error heater supervising Too many peak areas

I have checked the obvious, filled the cooling water tank and looked for an actual jam in the machine. Neither of those fixed anything. I'm thinking of a possible blocked sensor or a small battery somewhere might have gone dead on a main board. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks


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