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Flexible PCB

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Flexible PCB | 29 January, 2010

My company has an oppurtunity at an account, but it would require us to populate flexible PCB's. This is something we do not have any expereince in.

Are there any good sources I can reference to learn about this process?

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Flexible PCB | 29 January, 2010

The SMT MFG Process for Flex circuits is relatively the same as traditional SMT process, the key is your PCB supplier. The good flex circuit shops will supply the circuits in a rigid carrier or if Rigid/Flex the supplier will create a support structure made from the rigid material to support the flex area during production processes. You may want to talk to your supplier to see what your options are.Hope this helps

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Flexible PCB | 1 February, 2010

"Flexible Circuit Technology" by Joseph Fjelstad is a good place to start. If you get into production, you will encounter all kinds of new challenges with print quality, fid reads, inconsistent HASL, tooling and using creative P&P programming to make up for inconsistent array offsets.

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