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Reducing Wave solder DeltaT

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Reducing Wave solder DeltaT | 27 January, 2010

Our products are a mixed technology; with both surface mount components solder side and through-hole top side, in addition to massive heat sink assemblies. We have been using your SN100C solder in our wave solder process with Multicore MFR301 Flux since 2005 with good results. My goal at the moment is to reduce the delta T for bottom side components from 80-100C down to 60-80C. First: What can be done to reduce or eliminate the dead zone (or gap) between the preheat zones and the turbulent wave. The second aspect is in regard to flux selection. Current the flux we use burns of to qickly if we push the solder side pre-heat any higher. Can anyone recommend a no-clean flux that will hold up at higher temperature? or other ways to reduce Delta T without adverse affects on solder quality or reliability


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Reducing Wave solder DeltaT | 27 January, 2010

This flux will hold up very well to your required settings.

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Reducing Wave solder DeltaT | 27 January, 2010

Thank you for your quick responce. First let me say that I have read your articals and found them to be very comprensive and informative. Good Work Patrick

My direct expereince with regard to water soluable flux is neglagable at best. In discusion with a few folks around here, they expressed some concern due to problems they incountered in the past. Their main concern was that a tighter procces window may become unmanagable for us Our product mix varys considerably requiering several wave solder thermal recipies. Secondly, our track record is less than steller when it comes to process control and its associated varibles, pre-heat, solder tempature tolerance, control/maintanence of the flux spray assembly etc… I am up for improving our process, but can we teach an old dog to fly?

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Reducing Wave solder DeltaT | 27 January, 2010


Thank you for the acknowledgment. The IF2005Mz is a solvent based flux (not water soluble). I agree with you that the original IF2005M had a very narrow process window. In 2000 we modified the blending procedures and blending equipment which improved the product remarkable. Since that time the product is called IF2005Mz and has a much wider process window, and requires more preheat then conventional no-clean fluxes. Am up to the challenge of trying to make an old dog fly :-)

Contact me offline for a sample.

Patrick Bruneel Interflux USA, Inc.

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