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SAM vs XRAY | 22 January, 2010

hello, can anybody help to compare SAM to x-ray methods with regard to inspection of semiconductor devices (smd LEDs, for instance)? Advantages and disadvantages of each method? Thank you!

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SAM vs XRAY | 9 February, 2010

OK Sergey, looks like no one wants to take this on. I will give it a shot and maybe others will add their 2 cents. The answer depends on what you want to inspect. X-ray inspection is based on the X-ray absorption properties of the materials in the device and the solder. It allows you to image (and thus, inspect for defects) the various parts inside the package (e.g., silicon chip, wire bonds), as well as solder joints of all types. SAM uses acoustic energy to identify the location of interfaces between the various components inside the package. One common application is to look for internal delamination damage caused by absorbed moisture. If you think your SMT LEDs may have moisture-related damage then SAM might be helpful, but most other defect types will probably call for X-ray.

Glenn Robertson Process Sciences Inc

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SAM vs XRAY | 10 February, 2010

Hello Glenn, thanks a lot for your response. The company I work for is launching LEDs production this year. We'll need to do a number of the environmental tests in our quality control laboratory. So the application for SAM and Xray systems is inspection of the products before and after the tests. Both types of the systems are pretty expensive, so I think we will have to choose one. Yes, we would like to inspect our LED packages: chips, wire bonds, solder joints, delaminatios, voids etc.. So my question actually is - what ispection method (system) is better to use for our application?

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SAM vs XRAY | 10 February, 2010

X-ray is probably more useful in the grand scheme of things. SAM will, like Glenn said, pick up delams in components especially at internal interfaces. X-ray will only pick up a defect like this if it's perpendicular to the delam, very difficult. X-ray will show voids, bridges, wire bond breaks, internal trace discontinuities. If I were starting an electronics analysis lab, x-ray would be one of the first things I'd get.

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SAM vs XRAY | 11 February, 2010


For a component OEM lab I agree that X-ray is probably the first priority, especially for process development and monitoring. Be sure to get a system with sample tilt and high resolution capability. When SAM is needed, a service provider can do that pretty easily.


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