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MPM Accela

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MPM Accela | 13 January, 2010

Can anyone provide us with some input on these machines? How well do they handle warped boards..changeover..programming..etc..

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MPM Accela | 17 January, 2010

We have had our first MPM accela since 2007 and up to this moment, the machine never had a major breakdown.We have this machine running 24/7 on our high volume line supplying a 14 module M6S NXT machine.

It can handle a beyond specs warp boards and the print quality is still amazing.

Change-over is automatic width adjust and all you have to do is replace its stencil. Programming is easy, just like their old version UP2000 with the step by step wizard.

Overall, this machine is remarkable, no wonder it always won a prize and a consumer choice awards.

Price? kinda expensive........

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