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GSM without side conveyors

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GSM without side conveyors | 17 December, 2009

Is it possible to run GSM without input/output conveyors? I would have to bypass SMEMA connection I think. All help appreciated.

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GSM without side conveyors | 19 December, 2009

You'll need to generate two signals - board in and board out. We have GSM that operates that way. I can send you the schematic (it's very simple) if you like...

- Deni

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GSM without side conveyors | 24 December, 2009

Get two connectors to fit the SMEMA 1 connectors on either end of the machine. Need only two wires on each connector going to momentary contact sw. Input is pins 1 & 2 to switch and output side is pins 3 & 4 to switch. If this doesn't work then change the connectors to the opposite sides. Let me know if this resolves your problem. (ex UIC FE, set this up several times)

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