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AOI 2009 MIRTEC MV-7xi 5 MP or Yes tech YTV-FX 5MP

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AOI 2009 MIRTEC MV-7xi 5 MP or Yes tech YTV-FX 5MP | 6 December, 2009

We use Photondynamics SV-7550 now. We want to upgrade our AOI because we found that SV-7550 are not very good to detect solder defects. I send samples boards at each company with the solder defects that i can't detect with my Photondynamics SV-7550. Each compagny said to me that they can detect all of them.

When we will decide to invest the time to redo all programs AOI, it's should be with the AOI machine consistently provided better defect coverage than our AOI, especially with regard to solder inspection.

The fusion lighting of YTV-FX-5 is impressive.

I want to know if the last solder analysis window of these AOI can allow me to detect subtle solder defects on the toe filets, allowing me identify 100% lifted leads.

We want to find a AOI with 100% defect coverage on lead lifted (standard ic and dpack) and defect of solder of package 0402 or bigger. Is-it possible?

Is only the intelli-scan option have the capability to detect connectivity of each pin of each IC?

I would like to hear the comments of people which know well these machines.


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AOI 2009 MIRTEC MV-7xi 5 MP or Yes tech YTV-FX 5MP | 7 December, 2009

Dany, Thank you for posting your question. At Omron Electronics, we believe, and consistently are proven to be the leaders in Solder Joint inspection. We have been manufacturing AOI systems longer than any other company in the market and are often imitated in either concept or design. Our Inspection Systems are Engineered and Manufactured with the highest quality components and one of the strongest, smartest software packages available on the market. Our programming time and debug time combined are equal to some of the quickest systems available toady, but without the significantly high numbers of false failures and escapes.

Where the system you have mentioned are both good systems, and have some strong inspection capabilities, we feel that our capabilities, especially with regards to both Solder Joint and Lifted Lead inspection would prove to be superior.

We would be happy to discuss our capabilities with you if you are open to looking at another vender other than the two you mention in your post.

Best Regards,

David Upton Omron Electronics LLC.

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AOI 2009 MIRTEC MV-7xi 5 MP or Yes tech YTV-FX 5MP | 17 December, 2009

Check with MVP and others providing algorythm type software coupled with their camera's. It is more time consuming to initially program however you get out what you put in. 0402's are not a big challenge for them at all.

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AOI 2009 MIRTEC MV-7xi 5 MP or Yes tech YTV-FX 5MP | 21 December, 2009

Hello Dany, i had been invloved in a evaluation at another company between omron,yestech,mirtec,vitech.. I found omron and vitech too long to program for hi mix low volumee. yestech and mirtec programmed quickly. I found the mirtec to find more of the harder to find defects like lifted ends on chips. it looks soldered but its not. mirtec found every defect,yestech missed a couple but did ok.i was using the 2 mp camera on mirtec 1 mp on yestech. if the new 5mp is even better than the 2 mp, that would be my decision. good luck

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