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MY 19 Issues?

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MY 19 Issues? | 4 December, 2009

We are considering purchasing an MY-19 refurbished from the factory. We were not initially looking at this model but it became available. Are there any issues with this model. (We already have an MY-9 and are familiar with the MYDATA and their support.


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MY 19 Issues? | 4 December, 2009

My9 = 9 magazine slots.

My19 = 19 magazine slots.

That being said. The number after th "MY" is the number of magazine slots. The "differances" will be in software version, upgades, like vision (linescan etc), hydra, tables, tools, tray exchangers, glue pots, etc, etc etc.

I think the MY9 and the MY19 should have similar "issues". if any...........

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MY 19 Issues? | 5 December, 2009

MY9 - 19 are all the same machines. The frame is only bigger. With the 19 you can get up to 256, 8mm feeders if it has the stand table. Ocourse that is an advantatge it can handle large boards with a big table. I have used Mydata a many companys. A factory rebuilt machine is like a new machine. The big machine usally have all the bell and whistles on them.

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MY 19 Issues? | 7 December, 2009

Just to throw my two cents in the MY19 could be slower than the other my machines due to the greater distance the head has to travel to pick up and place the components.The longer distance could also account for extra wear and tear on the motors and belts. All of this is probably small enough to never really be noticed unless you really have to pack the machine with parts and have high placement parts on the outside edges of the machine. Other than that I completely agree that it is exactly like any other MYData machine.

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