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Conceptronic oven lubricants

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Conceptronic oven lubricants | 1 December, 2009

I am wondering what other Conceptronic users are using to oil the chain, lubricate the lead screw, and the grease used on the chain drives. I have contacted Conceptronic, and they gave me recommendations, but I am having trouble contacting them. Thanks in advance for any help on this.

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Conceptronic oven lubricants | 1 December, 2009

This is cut and paste from a Conceptronics Document - hope it helps you:

Following are the lubricants recommended for oven maintenance:

1. To lubricate the conveyor chain use: A. Biral BIO30 -synthetic high temperature oil (highly recommended). B. DuBois 2848 -synthetic high temperature oil. C. Tower Oil & Technology Co.-Molyfilm 4AA or 4B Hi-Temp Oils. Note: It is important that a synthetic high temperature oil be used specifically designed to lubricate oven conveyors. The specifications for this oil is unique and automotive synthetics do not comply. Also non-synthetic oils are not to be used as they leave carbon deposits detrimental to the reflow process and chain life.

2. To lubricate the lead screw rail adjusts use: A. Loctite Moly Spray (item number 24378)(highly recommended). B. Biral Antiseize Spray (no number).

3. To lubricate the rail adjust gears and spline shaft drive bearings. A. Alpha Grease & Oil Inc. –H.T.-600 Non-Melt Synthetic Grease (highly recommended). B. Biral -No Melt Grease. Note: The grease is also synthetic, does not bleed off under high temperatures and is specifically designed to be used in an oven atmosphere.

Following are company addresses and phone numbers: Alpha Grease & Oil, Inc. P.O. Box 811629 Boca Raton, Florida 33481 Telephone: 1-800-999-1887

Biral USA P.O. Box 878 McLean, TX 79057 Telephone: 806-779-2700 Fax: 806-779-2543

DuBois Chemical, Polymer and Synthetic Lubricant Division 255 East Fifth Street Suite 1200 Cincinnati, Ohio 45202 Telephone: 513-528-8300 Customer Service Telephone: 1-800-543-4906

Tower Oil & Technology Co. 205 West Randolf Street Suite 810 Chicago, Illinois 60606 Telephone: 312-346-0562

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Conceptronic oven lubricants | 1 December, 2009

I should add we use one listed lube from each recommendation and were able to find everything (although that was close to 10 yrs. ago). We bought enough to outlast the oven so we haven't had to buy any since. The oven is still going strong!

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