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oven profile issues

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oven profile issues | 13 November, 2009

really need help!! Our company is experiencing a change on the Quality system. one of the things that we are discovering is the amazing variation during the reflow oven and wave solder processes. this week we found that the team had not been performing the required profiles and this action produced an uncontrolled defective parts during a long time( I'm talking about years). my team gets into an agreement regarding we need to perform profiles as a priority to fit within control our processes, but they're asking about the frequency of this activity. my question is aboout that. do we need to perform it in every change over, daily , every shift, weekly, monthly or what could be your recommendation?

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oven profile issues | 14 November, 2009

It depends. Issues are: * Are your processes 'in control and capable?' * How often do you change product runs? * Do your jobs run across shifts?

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oven profile issues | 17 November, 2009

To monitor the reflow profile is very important. We are doing profile every week(Monday). Out customer asked us daily check at first. We checked daily but we changed the checking period from daily to weekly after discussing about it with our customer. I think that you need to check profile daily at first to verify.But it is not econiminc. if the equipmetn is unstable, you have to check it every hour or examine it.


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