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ESD HANDLING FOR PCBA | 2 November, 2009


We have build the PCBA base on IPC 610 and J-std-001 class 3 product, All the ESD pre caution been implement at my production side, ESD flooring, wear the ESD smock, wear the ESD shoe, use the finger coat and those not use the finger coat they use the ESD glove, at production line also all the emplyee wearing the wrist strap, all my board kept inside the ESD bag, When my customer visit, one of my technician move one board to the other place without put in the board inside the ESD bag, he just put the board on top of the ESD bag and walk around to the other section, but still inside my production side, My customer seen that condition and inform us, my technician violate the ESD requirement and ask to quarantine that board. My question, do we violate the ESD requirement if we move the board (just 1 pc) without put inside the ESD bag ( just put on top of the ESD bag and fold it), then move.

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ESD HANDLING FOR PCBA | 2 November, 2009


We don't think you've violated ESD handling in the manner you've described. If your employees were wearing foot straps, and your floors are conductive/grounded.

I've run into this at multiple companies, where transporting the PCBs station to station is the biggest concern regarding ESD protection. The solution has always been multi-fold; employees transport PCBs either in racks (which are grounded to the conductive floor), while wearing heel straps; or by carrrying them on ESD racks, etc.

However, if your customer believes that ESD rules have been violated, or has asked you to comply with certain requirements (such as transporting their assemblies in fully closed Faraday cages), then you will have violated a customer requirement. If your customer has not given you these types of guidelines, then you have violated a customer expectation....which can be more difficult to overcome. I experienced this with a customer once who insisted that we use pink-poly (ESD safe) bubble wrap in packaging their materials for shipping....even when the assemblies were in completely sealed Faraday cages (carbon impregnated conductive ESD bags, sealed shut). It didn't matter how many times I explained to this customer that the bag was protected inside the ESD bag, their impression was that non-ESD safe bubblewrap was bad. So, we had to adapt our shipping procedures to accomodate their requirement.

cheers ..rob

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