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Feeders Maintenance

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Feeders Maintenance | 17 October, 2009

Can anyone share some tips on cleaning pneumatic type feeders?

Some feeders I have seem to be "lazy", unable to react fast enough to the the pickup heads.

Someone told me to wash them in IPA, with no oiling at all, while somebody else advised to apply a thin oil spray. If washing them, is it a good idea to wash the pneumatic piston too?

I am willing to hear how other group users perform regular maintenance on feeders.

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Feeders Maintenance | 17 October, 2009

if your pneumatic cylinders are sluggish, try putting a few drops of 10wt air line oil in one and see how it reacts. The seals get dry and just can't move or at least that is what I have seen on equipment that does not use air line oilers.

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Feeders Maintenance | 17 October, 2009

Just a moment.... when the machine was installed I was told to use a dry air line, so it is connected to a line that passes through an air dryer and no oiling at all.

Should it have oiler installed? I will check the installation manuals

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Feeders Maintenance | 17 October, 2009

Oil will make them act faster/smoother, but will collect dirt and dust faster. I prefer to oil, and clean more often.

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Feeders Maintenance | 18 October, 2009

The main question is, where is the problem: With the piston, in which case I can use some air oil on the rod or even a small drop in the air tube. OR With the mechanics, specifically the sprocket in which case I am not sure oiling only without prior dry/alcohol cleaning is enough.

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Feeders Maintenance | 26 October, 2009

Oiling a feeder originally lubricated with lithium grease for example will make "glue". Best to check with the OEM for the proper lubrication.

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Feeders Maintenance | 27 October, 2009

if your feeder is indexed via an air/pneumatic cylinder like say a bimba? put a couple of drops inside the cylinder via one of the fittings, index it a few times and see if it does not pick the pace up some. don't oil the index shaft, could cause the cylinder to leak at the piston shaft seal.

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